Ways to Get Discounted Theatre Tickets


Live theatre is somehow expensive. Unlike going to the movies, few people choose to come to a play on a whim, most will make a night of it and go out for dinner before the show. Groups of friends will often come to a play together, and couples will save a theatre trip for special occasions in their relationships. There have even been a few marriage proposals made from center stage after the bows have been taken. Going to a play is not relatively cheap but actually there are ways to buy a theatre ticket cheaper than its original price.


A good way to get a discounted theatre ticket is being flexible with dates and time. A theatre’s most expensive tickets are usually sold for the weekend evening shows, but since a theatre that is sitting empty isn’t making any money producers will usually cram in as many performances as their actors can stand throughout the week. As a general rule, matinee performances are usually cheaper than evening shows, and shows on a Tuesday or Wednesday night are cheaper than those on a Friday or Saturday. Going to the previews is also suggested. Many companies, especially the larger ones, will have preview performances before the official opening. While the staging is still being tweaked and the actors may still be developing their characters these shows are by and large complete, and available often at significant discounts. Often the director and/or producer are in attendance, and once in a while audiences will even be invited to give them feedback on what they have seen. Check for theatre reviews London to know which companies are giving previews. Theatre doesn’t just happen on Broadway, in London’s West End or any of the other major theatres and theatre districts around the world. Theatre is alive and kicking in almost every major town and city in almost every country, so the chances are excellent that there’s a theatre near you. It might be a summer stock company, a touring production being brought in by a local service club, a university/college drama department, or a thriving community theatre. The model varies, but theatre is everywhere, and most of it is available at a fraction of the price of the bigger players.